How We Support

Captive insurance is like an in-house insurance company. That means your client will need to rely on trusted advisors like you to help them make informed decisions about claims handling procedures, funding premiums, and coverage terms.

Fortunately, unlike other captive advisors, our services and support do not start and end with creating the captive entity.We back you up the whole way.

Critical Support for the Entire Captive Lifecycle

Combine your expertise with Roundstone’s know-how and your client will maximize results. We work with your agency on client consultation to:

  • Evaluate current risk and existing coverages
  • Understand if a captive program makes sense
  • Determine which type of captive is most appropriate

After the initial discovery phase, Roundstone prepares a feasibility study that reveals if a captive program is a viable solution for the employer. If your client decides to move forward, we provide vital business and operational planning, including:

  • Coverage lines, limits, deductibles, rates, forms, filings, reinsurance and claims
  • Fronting carrier requirements
  • Program marketing
  • Underwriting guidelines
  • Investment strategy
  • Employee communication materials

Roundstone offers practical and technical knowledge to aid advisors with introducing a new approach to insurance. Our Success Stories make it easy to see how captive programs help employers lower risk, realize savings, and reduce costs.

Do you have clients that are part of an Industry or Trade Association? Why not offer this innovative solution to their Association? With Roundstone’s expertise, we’ll do the heavy-lifting to thoroughly explain the collective purchasing power and risk sharing advantages for their members. Plus, we offer a tried and true underwriting and marketing blueprint for working with Association captives, so you will have complete support every step of the way. Contact Roundstone to learn more.