September 2017 Cost Containment Tips

  • Examine your provider network annually. Provider access is an important component, but there are often many options to access to the providers most utilized by your employees. Options like other national networks, regional networks, focused networks, and Medicare-based pricing may provide access to the same health care at better rates. Roundstone can help you navigate these considerations.
  • Review your charges. Although the discount may be remarkable, you may still be overpaying if the mark up in the cost is excessive. Ask questions if something seems out of the ordinary.
  • Understand how your Third-Party Administrator (TPA) reviews for billing errors.
  • Each year review with your advisor how out of network claims are addressed to ensure you have the optimal strategy in place. The TPA and Roundstone can assist.
  • Review your plan design and plan ahead. Roundstone works with many employers around the country and can suggest ways to tighten up plan design language to avoid excessive charges.
  • Share your concerns with your TPA, advisor or Roundstone.