Roundstone Education for Advisors

One of the more exciting developments Roundstone is introducing this year is our Roundstone University program. It’s clear to me that our industry is starving for concise, clear, brief lessons on the cutting-edge issues we are confronting. Frequently, leading advisors impress me with their knowledge and insight, but express a desire to include others in their organization. Account executives, producers and other agency personnel require an opportunity to learn the basics and reach the same level of the leaders in their organization. In response, we have launched Roundstone University to do exactly that. Roundstone University will also offer advanced subjects like direct contracting, narrow networks and best in class cost containment strategies.

We will cover topics ranging from the basic self-funding to more advanced, developing issues via webinar, in-person and video conferencing formats. Subjects like this newsletter’s article on choosing a TPA, others like Captive Basics, Medical Captive 101, Provider Sponsored Health Plans will be less than one hour while still offering enough detail to allow you keep pace with our industry. More advanced topics will allow you to leap ahead of your peers.

When we reflect on lost opportunities or unrealized expectations, more often than not it’s because of a lack of knowledge regarding the opportunity. I don’t think anyone would disagree that overcoming objections to self- funding is a big area that could benefit from a training program. Keep your eyes and ears peeled as we launch these programs and provide a valuable resource for you to grow your business. If nothing else, it’s a great excuse to check out our new training facility we recently opened in our new office building. Cutting edge technology coupled with a comfortable, modern presentation facility. Pretty cool all the way around.