Building Our Foundation

Like every company, Roundstone is always growing and evolving. New people are joining the company. New products are being launched. In the midst of continuous change, Roundstone has taken some time to reflect on some important topics: who we are as a company and why the business was created. The discovery process delving into these topics consisted of consultations with management as well as allowing employees to reflect and share their opinions. The end result is a newly formed vision, mission and set of core values. The vision and mission were first to be created. The foundational statements seek to answer why we are here as a company as well as what our core business strategies are to achieve our vision. Formed out of a series of discussions, the management team delved into questions such as “What is Roundstone’s ultimate goal?” and “What does success for the company, and the industry, look like?” “Our vision and mission set the stage for the future,” said Roundstone President Mike Schroeder. “They set the standard by which our employees will work as well as what our customers can expect from us.”

Roundstone’s Vision 

To lead the development of self-insured and alternative insurance solutions that are the preferred choice in risk management.

Roundstone’s Mission

Roundstone’s mission is to create and manage turnkey insurance solutions which are transparent, flexible and cost effective, delivered in partnership with our clients’ trusted advisors. Next came our core values, which represent what we believe as a company, and how we work together to accomplish our common goals. Employees were surveyed to provide input on what values they already see in action on a day-to-day basis. From the common themes found in their answers and guidance from company management, the final list of values was curated. The newly-minted values have been announced to employees and are currently being integrated into the fabric of our company.

Roundstone’s Core Values

Building Value We work hard to make our products efficient and effective in order to reduce our customers’ insurance spend. Transparency We are committed to being candid, precise and honest in all of our communication. Accountability We believe in taking responsibility for our actions as well as the quality of our insurance products. Teamwork We understand the importance of teamwork, and we continually strive to improve how we interact within and across departments as well as with our partners, advisors and customers. Intellectual Curiosity We are committed to searching for answers to new and complex challenges that confront insurance buyers. Creativity We continue to be the innovators in our industry by being open to new ideas, approaches and solutions. Our work environment encourages questions and fosters continuous improvement. Health and Wellbeing We walk the talk of our industry by providing our employees with opportunities to learn about and participate in activities that cultivate a healthy, balanced lifestyle.