2017 Fall Roundstone Advisors Council

In August, our top advisors joined Roundstone for our bi-annual Advisors Council. We started the conference with a reception at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in downtown Cleveland, where we enjoyed an evening of cocktails, music and self-guided tours of the museum. The following day was the conference at our new offices in Lakewood, Ohio.

Speakers covered topics including cost containment strategies, focused networks & direct contracting and best practices in employer health plan design. During the breakout sessions, advisors shared best practices related to their experiences and the measurable benefits they’re seeing.

The breakout sessions were where the real magic happed, as advisors discussed popular topics such as “How healthcare system partnerships can reduce medical spend,” and “Wellness programs that keep employees healthy and reduce claims.”

These advisors are committed to a partnership that helps their business grow. Many of them come from all over the country, even as far away as Alaska. They believe in Roundstone’s medical captive solutions and see tremendous value in learning as much as they can. Their ultimate goal, as is ours, is to differentiate themselves by offering a solution that can help lower costs for employers.

Our next Roundstone Advisor Council is scheduled to take place following the Roundstone Medical Captive Forum on Thursday, May 11th. We hope that you will join us!