Cost-Saving Strategies...NOW.

Get ahead of your renewal rates with easy-to-implement solutions that can be put into action as soon as you return home. Learn all about additional benefits and programs that can save you money in the long run.



This is your opportunity to meet with employers just like you! You’ll have the chance to speak candidly with your peers about the challenges facing your business’s healthcare costs. Learn more from others who have taken the plunge into self-funded group solutions. It’s easier than you think!


Get Informed.

It’s hard to make a big decision that impacts every employee in your company. What better way to feel confident and well-informed than a forum that invites your questions! Get all the information you need to confidently make a decision that will make both your business’s cash flow and your employees happy. You’ll return home feeling confident in your decision to take control of your company’s health benefits.

Be Part of the 2020 MCF!

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