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Erin's Bio

“Just keep swimming.”
– Dory from Finding Nemo

  • Erin Barr
    Marketing and Sales Assistant

    BA of Fine Arts from Kent State University, Focus in Crafts with a minor in Art History

    Five Years working as a Project Manager for a marketing based production company. Five Years’ experience in professional claims medical billing, posting and accounts receivable.

Traveling, cooking, and brewing beer


Little Known Fact About You:
I was a political science major at DePauw University in Indiana for 2 years. My interest was to focus on voter registration and unbiased voter education.


Happiest Moment:
The moment my husband and I found out we were expecting.


Greatest Accomplishment:
I once had a piece of “artwork” hanging in New York City… It was a paper chain I made for the holidays at a bar in China Town but it was signed and hanging!


Favorite Holiday and Why:

Christmas time. I specify “time” because I love all of the traditions, preparing and anticipation. But Christmas Day is actually my least favorite holiday because that means it’s all over.


Hidden Talent:
I am a party planner at heart! I love nothing better than a good theme. The highlight of my year is our annual summer party. This year the theme is “The Summer Olympics” – complete with a menu of foods from around the world and events in which participants can medal. I think the small details are what really make everything come together.


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